Hey guys I will keep this short and sweet, tomorrow I am starting a new series of videos where I will learn a new song from scratch in as little time as it takes using new techniques which I think will be of HUGE help to people out there who are still having mastering the art of playing guitar like myself.

What I need from you good people is a song choice to get the ball rolling....maybe something a bit upbeat and beginner/medium difficulty.

Quick background: I am now 35 and have been trying to play well for years on and off but always seemed to give up when it got too difficult through frustration then lack of interest kicked in. I am recently back from Spain and when I saw some of the amazing Spanish guitar played there I knew I had to give it another go.

I can play about 6 chords pretty well but im not very fast at changing(a, e, g, e minor, a minor and d) but when choosing a song it's OK if i have to learn a new chord or two.

Anyways I look forward to seeing the song choices and all will be revealed about the technique I'm going to use once I get my first video up and running.

Hasta luego
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one of the first songs i learned on guitar
super fun, super easy
and it sounds great! it's a fast, upbeat song, good lyrics, party song haha
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