Hi! I'm having quite a hard time figuring out what's wrong with my Randall-combo. I'll link the video in hope of you guys knowing what's the problem. Cheers!

Seems to me like there is a cap somewhere that needs replacing...
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its possessed. that is the only thing that could make that bad of a noise in a guitar amp with nothing plugged in.

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Witchtrippah I just finished recapping my Commander I (RG 120-115) 1x15" and it sounds wonderful again. Most likely your main power filter capacitors are faulty. Mine were a "twist-lock" metal can style, the two large cans hanging down by the transformer. You won't be able to find them, so I found a ham radio repair guy who built them (Hayseed Hamfest, about $35 each). You will want to replace any other smaller board mounted caps that look bad or just do what I did and replace the 35v 470uf (larger ones, I had 3). You can find these at Radio Shack or order from Mouser. 
If you are somewhat experienced with a soldering iron it's not too hard, just a little work. Start to finish, I was done in about 3 hours. They are incredibly well built and the circuit board has plenty of room to work, just be aware that the 35V 470uf caps are glued to the board. Just pry and wiggle and they will come loose. I used some clear silicon to adhere the new ones as you don't want them bouncing around. 

 Randall is a company started by former friend of Leo and Fender guy.. Don Randall.

The commander II (of which I am a proud owner) is kind of their solid state twin... It is one loud mo fo! and clean all day.. If you want it to break up, forget about it... just buy a pedal!

I love mine and plan to keep it. I got mine in trade... my out of pocket was 40.00... I think those amps go for from 250-400 typically.

They definitely sound good and take pedals well, but are NOT tube amps, so if you are in need of tubes... you will be disappointed.
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