Hey guys, I've got a question here regarding different mic techniques using the Torpedo plugin, I'm especially interested in what mic setups can be used to compliment a good rhythm tone.

If I can't be bothered, I just have one mic close to the cab panned left and the exact same thing panned right. Using the exact same setup for my lead tone works and sounds fine, but I'm thinking "of course it works fine, its the same cab/mic/position as the rythm"

So my question is, what else can I do to make the lead tone either stand out, sit nicely or compliment the mix? I've tried adding/blending a room mic close or far away from the cab, or adding a condenser mic to thicken the tone etc. all with varying results. Also what works for one song doesn't necessarily work for other song projects.

Do you guys have any tips/tricks for me in regards of simulating mic placements/combinations in Torpedo WOS III?