So, I made a schoolboy error, and bid on both of these pedals (used) on eBay, when I only really wanted one. So, needless to say, I won both. So far only the Rotovibe has turned up, and it appears to be in great condition (although I'm not sure if it originally came with a power supply).

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether there's a place for both of these in the same rig? If not, which should I keep? The Worm seems to have more options, and would be easier to fit onto a board that already has a wah and a Whammy on it (unless I get an express pedal for if), while I could probably make more money back on the Rotovibe. So, as you can see, without having played it, I'm leaning towards the Worm.

Also, where is best to place them, in front of the amp, or in the loop?

Thanks in advance.
Can't comment on the rotovibe, but I have the Worm.

I only use it for the wah effect, so it goes near the front of my chain, before drive pedals & amp. If I was using it for it's modulation effects, I'd probably have it in the loop - as you already have a wah that may make more sense.

However, if you wanted to use it's wah effect for a pre-defined always on setting, it would arguably be better than trying to use an actual wah pedal for the same purpose.
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