So even though I've used these for a couple years, it seems most people don't know them, and a search of the forum shows that. A couple recent threads I've mentioned them in gave me the idea to share them in their own thread.

They are straps with leather ends that LOCK to your guitar without modification and without rattling or scratching. The locking mechanism is flexible enough to bend as needed without creasing, yet firm enough to never pull off the strap button.
And they start of at 20 bucks!

Regular strap locks ate through my old straps. Or they would come loose.

And here is a few photos I shared recently in a strap thread showing the mechanism and max length.

The locking mechanism

Holding my guitar by one end of the strap.

Max length

I only mention them because I've had a Gibson hit the floor from a failed strap lock. The sad part was it was my old roommate that did it and was playing it without permission. I don't want people to end up with broken necks like I did.
Hopefully your roommate didn't end up with a broken neck as well. Okay, may be I don't care if he/she ended up with a broken neck. Playing without permission indeed.
Those straps are fine, but certainly not idiot-proof. I'll guarantee the guitar can come out of them easily enough.
dspellman I haven't had any slipage issues. Neither has my friend that showed the to me a couple years ago. As long as the strap is fitted properly it won't come off unroll you take it off.
They are about as idiot proof as straplocks, if not more so.

And that roommate unfortunately dodnt get his neck snapped.
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Do you often remove the strap and put it back on or is it on most of the time? I feel like it would wear a lot faster from removing and putting back on than straplocks would.
I've been using mine for about 6 months. Have to say I really like it. I put it on and take off every time I play, I hang my guitars and they look silly with straps attached.

The leather does get a little worn and soft, but the plastic insert that does the locking is rigid. I've never had mine come off or cause issues. I will say that I still treat it like a normal strap, so it doesn't give me the ease of mind that an actual locking setup would.
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DirtFarmer I trust mine more than my strap buttons. I don't swing my guitar around, but I do hang it from my side on occasion. And they stay on those tiny buttons you get on Gibson's and Epi's.

Which one would be good for me? Since the D'Addario strap didn't work out. Are all the sizes pretty much the same?
TheArmoredBat they are all pretty much the same. I have the 3 inch wide poly because I play a heavy Les Paul and switch to bass with it on occasion. But the cotton looks comfortable. They all function the same, so it's more preference of looks and comfort with budget in mind.
They're all practically under 20 which is good. Me being somewhat short, it wouldn't be too much of a problem, right?
TheArmoredBat The last photo in the first post is Its max length. I'm 5'9, and that sits too low there.

That's good news.
And one last thing, do you happen to know a good headphone converter so I can do silent practices with my pedal, or are all of them the same?