Hello guys! Long(ish) story short, my buddy and I are starting a band. I was originally supposed to only play the axe, but apparently he heard me sing at a few points and he's adamant in us not looking for a vocalist, but in me taking the role instead. So here's what I wanted to ask. I'll go through all the topics around here (actually already am as I write this), but question I have is, I eventually plan to, or at least try to learn how to sing with a rasp. Are there any tweaks I should apply to whatever beginning topics about breathing and singing exercises I find to prepare for something like that? Another question is, how exactly do you rasp with no, or at least very little damage? Guys on youtube don't seem to agree on how it's done, and every Joe has his own idea on what produces the sound, and to be frank, I don't get a single thing most of them say. I tried a few things, and I can't do anything with my voice that isn't completely clean. I'm not particularly worried about long term damage as I don't assume this little project of ours will last for too long, but I'd like it to sound somewhat good as we're otherwise not new to these things, and I'd like to keep at least some voice once we're done with it. :p

To give you some pointers, covers we plan to start with are in line with Whitesnake, Steel Panther, ACDC, Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc. and it all sounds really lame with totally clean vocals. :p If I could sell my soul and a left nut to the devil I'd sing like Michael Starr, but I'll have to do with what I have for now.

Any questions, pointers, flaming, etc. are welcome, and thanks for reading!
I'm trying to learn to sing myself (various exercises from youtub, etc etc)

I think maybe you should practice singing clean then add the rasp later
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