[UK] FS: Marshall JVM205 head & Marshall 1936 2x12 cab, £650 quick sale

Great condition Marshall head & cab. Collection from Salisbury (south-west) is almost a must (see below).

£550 for the head
£150 for the cab
If you buy both I'll knock off £50 to make it £650 combined.

Looking for a quick sale before I throw it on eBay. If you're reading this in Semptember or later, it's already on there and/or sold.

Owned the cab from new, bought it approximately 8 years ago. Never been modified or anything; it's an entirely stock Marshall 1936 2x12. The front grille cloth has a tiny patch of scuffing, and it's collected some dust, but otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell it from a new one. Even still has the original Union Jack sticker.

Bought the head second hand from Andertons approximately 4 years ago. I don't know what life it had before then, but it had—and still has—the original Marshall-stamped valves in it, so it clearly was never used much. Since buying it, I've only had reason to crank it a couple of times, and otherwise have kept it at civilised volumes. More picky users would probably want to change the valves—a lot of people do anyway—but I've never had any reason to, as at lower volumes the stock valves still sound fine. (Can't speak for louder volumes; I have neither the reason nor opportunity to crank it to find out.)
Like the cab, it's in all-round great condition, just gathered some dust. No issue with any of the controls or effects loops, as far as I can tell. Other than possibly wanting to put in fresh valves if you want to really push the volume up, it'd be hard to tell this head has had any use at all.

Footswitch for the head is included, but that does have some slight scuffing on it, as you'd expect of a footswitch. I've got the original head cover, too. The power lead and a cable for the footswitch will be included with the head, and the cable for the cab is included with that.

It's a fantastic amp and not something I'm happy to sell, but the fact is my health has taken a major downturn over the last couple of years and gigging is the last thing on my mind; this amp is just going unused and collecting dust, and there's 0 chance I'll have any need for it any time soon, so it may as well go to someone who can get some use out of it.

Because of those same health problems, I can't transport it myself and I don't have any suitable way to pack it either. So any buyer needs to either come and pick it up themselves, or you need to arrange a courier who can also supply some level of packaging and is able to pack it up on collection. If you want to arrange a courier for it without packaging, that's on you; I'll ship it out like that but I'd have to then refuse any refunds or claims that it has been lost/damaged in transit. So for that reason I highly recommend you come and collect the amp yourself.

Unfortunately, I live on a single-track lane; any vehicle that comes here to pick the amp up needs to be no bigger than your typical 'white van'. You're welcome to come and try the amp out, but please bear in mind that this is a quiet, residential area, and so I can't let you push it up to gigging volume.

You can either leave a reply here or PM me through UG's system. You can also tweet me @AceFlibble. I don't like giving my e-mail out on public forums but if you message me privately on here/twitter, I can give you that, too. (The other info on my profile page is rather out of date and inappropriate.) I can also send more detailed images if you wish, though a bit of dust really is the worst that either head or cab has suffered.
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