I would imagine thoughts on this varies based on the pedal, but what are some thoughts on this?

Would you buy a lower serial number over a higher serial number? What are some low serial number prefered pedals?

I've been thinking about this lately because I own a production model Fulltone Fulldrive 3 #49. Fulltone adjusted the circuit to buffered bypass at serial number #2458, making the true bypass version technically out of production. By now I've seen serial numbers over 11,000. Prices of the Fulldrive 3 have fluctuated a lot as well. The black production models came out at $139 USD (I paid $125 used at this time), later dropped to $112, went up to $127 and now sit at $135.15. In general, used prices are pretty low. These things can be had for around $100 pretty easily. However, upon scrounging eBay listings, I haven't found any indication that would make a lower serial number more value. Even the ones before #2458.

But still, I own one of the first 50 production models released into the wild. I consider selling it because I seldom use it, but I don't know if I could bring myself to. It's cool, if not, the coolest piece of gear I own based on the serial number alone.

I own another low serial number pedal. It's an Abominable Electronics Hail Satan Deluxe #59 (it's a Big Muff and Russian Big Muff clone in one box with LED clipping, clean blend, mid EQ, high EQ and a buffer switch). The company is much smaller than Fulltone, having shipped like 3,000 pedals in total. Not quite sure what they're up to for this pedal, but I imagine over 150. I know I'm getting Throne Torcher (HM-2 clone) #420 and it will be green, purple and priceless in my opinion.

I know a lot of people compare OCD versions and say the earlier versions sound better than the later versions. I actually had two v1.4's and I feel like they sounded entirely different and I didn't like the second one as much. I've been curious about the v1.5 since that's allegedly "the best" sounding one according to Mike... but I also hear he's an ass and so maybe his opinion sucks too, lol. People generally have the same feelings about the earlier Fulldrive 2's being the best sounding as well.
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