I was thinking about purchasing a footstool, but came across a lot of products online that look identical to each other while being in the price range of $10-20. I was considering journeying to my local music shop to see it first hand, and I'm really sure that's what I should do. Even so, has anyone ever taken a liking to a certain footstool they've used?
I know a lot of folks make fun of them on here but whenever I sit down I use the classical position of the guitar over my left leg and have my left foot propped up on a Proline FR1BK. It adjusts to different heights and its stable.

Helps my back and leg tremendously.

With that said though, practice at least 1/2 of the time standing up as well!
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I have something similar as metalmingee. Use it every once in a while (when I play classical guitar or when I need to record something higher up the fretboard) and it works great. It's stable and quick to set up.
Thanks for sharing your comments all, I'll definitely look into the Proline FR1BK as a good start.