Hi all, it's been a long time since I've ventured here!

I'm having trouble with my rig at the moment, I've just got a Harley Benton G12 Vintage to plug my Engager Rebel 30 into, which is great, but it's brought to light a lot of noise coming from my pedals (I'm guessing the XLR out is properly balanced so I haven't heard it properly for a while).

I've narrowed down the problem to the pedals/PSU. Currently I have some pedals in front of the amp, and a Flashback Triple and Hall of fame in the effects loop. All pedals are powered by a Moen ISO8 Supply. When I bolt the dly/rvrb in front of the amp there is zero noise/hum, but when they're in the loop there's all sorts of mess going on.

Now, I know this is something one might expect to happen, but to my knowledge using an isolated power supply should negate the problem. The Moen has apparently isolated every output individually, so in theory I shouldn't be having this problem. The Hall of Fame is set to buffered bypass as well.

Any ideas beyond forking out for a second supply?