I've always wondered how and what technique Matt Tuck uses for screaming.
Obviously he just does high stuff, but when I listen to bands do high screams, they don't sound the same.
For example, 0:27 into Scratching and Screaming by Chelsea grin is what I usually assume to hear when
someone does high fry screams. Same with the first verse in Dear Insanity by Asking Alexandria, etc.
Despite all the mainstream hate on that band and Matt Tuck's vocal style, I've always really enjoyed his
screaming style. It's always sounded really powerful in a mix, I'm talking about The Poison. Probably my #1
favorite screaming. And yes I frequently listen to other bands who are obviously considered better by the entire
community (Trivium, Howard Jones in KSE, Mitch Lucker, etc), just a personal taste thing.
Anyways.. Anyone know more about his vocal style?