A week or so ago I added a thread asking about some ENGL amps, before I ultimately ended up not getting either. I got a great deal on this amp, an ENGL Savage. The Savage has always been my favorite amp and I've wanted one for years. It just rolled in today and it sounds incredible, and it's got a whole host of features on it. Can't wait to take out on the stage!

The amp on top is for sale, BTW. $700. HMU if you're interested!

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Awesome! HNAD!

Give us a review of some of the features on it.
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Awesome! HNAD!

Give us a review of some of the features on it.

Two channels, Rhythm and Lead, separate gain controls and a boost for each. Shared EQ, Hi-Range Suppressor option which is somewhat similar to a contour, volumes for Rhythm, Lead, and the Master, two separate Presence knobs with resonance buttons.
Awesome! I had a chance to test this amp a few months back and its amazing! I did like the powerball better tho, so i got that instead.
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Happy new Engl day!!
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