hi ,i ve been looking for my first electric guitar and i have narrowed it down to
Ibanez s521 mol +dimarzio super distortion
ibanez RG350(2015 model with quantum pickups)
both together cost around the same (my budget is around 500$)
i play rock/metal (but i wont play Death metal)
songs i want to play are sweet child o mine ,cannon rock ,anastasia....etc
I have an Ibanez S 421 similar to the 521 only the bridge is different and I like it a lot. The RG looks nice but I don't like having a trem on my guitars because of a number of reasons. (ease of setup tuning issues etc. ) I put a Paf Joe in the neck and a MoJo in the bridge and it is a a terror.. For simplicity sake the S would be better. Mine is very light too but has great sustain.
Super Distortion great 80's metal pickup.

I recommend avoiding a floating tremolo for your first guitar if you are not familiar with them they can be frustrating.
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