The reason why I am asking this in a bass forum is because I have recently gotten into bands like Royal Blood and Death From Above 1979, the cool thing about them is that they only use a bass, no guitar and they use a micro POG to bring it up and octave and put it through a guitar amp so that it sounds like a full band. I want to cover some songs using that technique but I don't know what songs only use the first 4 stings and I don't mean just a bunch of power chords I mean like riffs and stuff.
Most hard rock songs if you move the riff to an octave on the first four strings, and distort/fuzz your bass on power chords, the song will work with a drummer
Still Waiting by SUM 41 is only on the last four strings (for most people, the high e string is the first) and uses Slides, Triplets, octaves, palm muting and power chords.
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