ok, so ive just fitted a Gibson 498T humbucker to my guitar (pickup configuration is single coil, single coil, humbucker, 5 way selector).

now, I do have sound but it seems a little muffled, there is always a buzz in the background when I'm not playing and when I touch the humbucker I get a very loud buzz, but, when I touch the bridge all the noise stops.

so, could this be a grounding issue or something else?

the original humbucker had only 2 wires whereas the Gibson has 5, ive taped up the green and white (as per the instructions) which leaves me with a red, and a black/shield wires.

i have copied where the 2 wires went from the old humbucker which was to the selector switch, so, is this wrong?

in the instructions it says red to controls and black/shield to ground, so what have I done wrong?

thanks for any help guys
Check the pickup manufacturer website which is the ground, hot, coil-split.. etc.. not all pickup manufacturer use same color code. Also check each solder point, make sure there is no wires crossing, not sure if you solder the jack.. maybe it's time to upgrade to switchcraft jack.
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I agree, sounds like a ground problem. Check the wiring, and see if a ground somewhere has a bad contact or cold solder joint. Also check to be sure the bridge still has a good ground.
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