Hey guys, first time posting as I am having a bit of trouble with my rig and getting a good stoner rock tone.

My current set up is: Epiphone Les Paul SG>Tuner>Cry Baby wah>Big Muff Pi>Phase 90>Orange Dark Terror.

Im going for a really loud fuzzy sound that sounds big when riffing and really crazy bluesy solo sounds. Got a Ibanez TS9 aswell was thinking of using as a boost to the muff as I have heard this could help. Still to no avail my tone sounds a bit shit.

Any advice would be appreciated!

In my opinion, stoner relies mostly on volume and having present mids. I'd get most of the gain from the Dark Terror and add the Big Muff on top of it to taste if needed. Boosting it even further with the TS-9 will only add noise I'd think. Taking out the Big Muff just to see where that leads you could be the key as well.
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In my opinion, stoner relies mostly on volume and having present mids.

And, of course, being stoned
I K0nijn I


I have been thinking about that, the dark terror alone sounds pretty nice, perhaps by easing off on the muff a bit as you said and grtting most of my sound through the terror could work.

As for doing this I'm guessing it's a case of me playing around and seeing what works I guess.

Thanks ks for you help and any know advice is appreciated!
Not sure how much that helps on the playing part. On the writing part, it might. Not into that stuff myself. I've seen enough stoner-rock bands that weren't actual stoners though.

Some times leaving something out can add a lot! Something to think about... :-)
I am seeing WAY to much gain for proper stoner rock. All those pedals into a Twin Reverb maybe but into the Dark Terror which is a gainy beast all by itself, probably turns to dark mush. Maybe start by turning a bunch of that stuff off and feed it in very gradually.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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