Hey guys i was just wondering what your biggest frustration as a guitar player is? What troubles you guys the most when it comes to playing? Weather you're a beginner or advanced. For me it has to do with the theory. Let me know!
guitarguy6581 To be honest, I'm surprised we don't see more of these posts! I am an advanced guitarist, but I would have to say the biggest challenge for me is shredding. I've never really gotten the hang of it. Good questions!
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I've passed the beginner stage now but I remember very vividly when I was just starting, the most frustrating thing for me was to actually sit down and practice playing EVERY DAY. I learned the guitar by myself, so developing self-discipline was one of the hardest I think...

Every starter who decides to learn playing on his/her own must consider the fact that it needs a lot of self-discipline
“Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.” - Keith Richards
i agree 100% . You have to make practicing a habit . Once you develop the habit it becomes natural and a part of you . Science shows it takes 66 days to develop a habit . That's why most people quit because they don't see instant results so they give up . I only ask because I'm developing a course and I want to target the struggles that guitar players have . Let me know your input please !

I would say that It takes me ~30 days to develop a new habit and to put it in my subconscious mind. 30 days is the lowest possible number FOR ME. I don't know how is that for other people and I don't like that kind of scientific proofs because every human being is individual, but there are some similarities yeah, but I don't like to generalize things that way.

But generally, I think that learning a new skill takes a lot of mental energy. One needs to spend more mental energy than physical on his first and second months of practicing a new skill. Because If you feel lazy and just quit because of it, or you are not in a mood of playing or something like that, the results will be obvious... Learn about homeostasis

Btw, I've wrote a blog post about the difficulties of learning acoustic guitar on your own. You might find something useful there. If you want, I can PM you the link to my article, because I don't know if I can post here publicly.
“Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.” - Keith Richards