I think musically there are some cool song writing ideas here. They are also performed well, good musicians. The first thing I would look at improving is the mix. I'll try to give some specifics, but it general it sounds a little muddy everything is all blended together.

First when the drums come in they don't really cut through. I'm not an expert but this could be because other instruments are taking up too much space. For example when your distorted guitar comes in did you use an eq to cutt out the lower frequencies? That will make you bass sound better and the kick drum will cut through the mix more.

The clean guitar may also be adding too much low end if you didn't use an eq to cutt any of that out.

Also look up a technique called parallel compression for use on drums, that can get your drums to sound huge.

Even with these "flaws" though, I really like the sound of the song, it reminds me of the pixies. But if you want a cleaner sounding mix try working with subtractive eq and parallel compression.

Again I'm no expert so take these suggestions or leave them, experiment and record and mix a lot thats how you get better.

Would you mind giving me feedback on the following song, its similar to your track in that it is an instrumental alt rock tune.

xevious1 thanks for listening. For guitars I'm just using a high pass filter with a cutoff frequency around 120 Hz (figuring nothing of interest that low). I don't want to get to aggressive with EQ but what frequency ranges do you think would be a good place to start? Also, I'll look into parallel compression, as of now I'm just using a slate digital compressor preset.

I like your track, the background synth gives it a cool vibe. Progresses nicely and seems like it could be developed into something pretty cool. Sonically it sounds clean, good mix and timing. My only critique is that it feels a bit too straightforward and structured, I feel like as is it could use a change up to keep the listeners interest. Considering you intend for it to be a backing track though, it's probably a good thing - has anyone recorded a lead for it yet? Also, what are you using for drums?

Overall, solid track. I'll have to throw it on monitors later and have a jam!
Headphone listener here - for me i'm actually hearing a lot of the clicky bass drum, maybe a little too much thump in that section from 0:45 to 1:30 (approx). I mean the liveliness is good but i'd personally try and contain the volume a bit more (for my taste, at least) as it really stood out of the mix in my phones.

Overall, I enjoyed the grit - yeah you could clean it up but for me it has more character this way.
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What I do for the high pass filter is i push it forward until the guitar signal sounds quite weak, the point where there really is no bass at all, then I move it slightly back. Its more of a feel thing then looking at exact numbers as the tone of the amp may vary and require more or less eq.

I'm using ez drumemr for the drums and then i use the parallel compression technique. The difference between how im processing my drums is that the compressor is not placed as an insert on the drum track. I have my ezdrummer drum track unaffected, no compression, then i set up a send to another track which is running very heavy compression, I then blend the two tracks, typically the compressed track is mixed much lower then the main drum track.

I haven't put any lead over the backing track and for now i have no plans to. If you want to work on it, go for it.
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