Taylor 210E DLX = Top Solid Spruce, B/S Layered Rosewood

Seagull Maritime SWS Rosewood QIT = Top Solid Spruce, B/S Solid Rosewood
Play them both and decide. Trust your hands and your ears. Both have pretty high build quality compared to others at that price point. Hand-wringing over different woods or mfg techniques misses the point I think.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I prefer the way Taylors are built (bolt-on shim adjustable neck) and I have absolutely nothing against laminated, but I'm not sure I would go with rosewood either way in that price range. They might be too warm-sounding; it is really a case of trusting your ears, as Cajundaddy notes.

I personally wouldn't worry too much about feel, because most new guitars need a set up to get them the way you want. - And this should be included in your budget if you are not DIY.
i prefer the 110E to either of them, but there are similar guitars i prefer in this price range.
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If all you were looking at is build quality and materials then the seagull is a better guitar. When you take tone into consideration that changes things. The Taylor uses scalloped braces which tend to sound more open when the guitar is new. Guitars with scalloped braces also tend to be louder. The seagull doesn't use scalloped braces which can make it sound rigid and tight when new but after the guitar has been played in for a few months it'll open up and mellow. I actually prefer the tone from non scalloped braces but I am in the minority. Most people far prefer the tone of scalloped bracing.
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I'm not sure I would go with rosewood either way in that price range. They might be too warm-sounding
I'd really love to hear your justification of this statement. How does the price point change how warm a guitar sounds?

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It's OK if you like warm-sounding guitars of coarse, but rosewood seems to sound overly warm/dull to me if if is not part of a carefully tuned guitar - which many inexpensive ones aren't. Even in a make like Martin many of their rosewood models don't sound good to me. This is based on long personal experience with inexpensive guitars in my mate's shop. He also sold Taylors, Matons and Martins.

FWIW, I also think that laminated poses less risk than solid in this respect.
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