So i need to record edrums but i dont know how to use superior drummer.I plug the midi cable in,but midi in/out lights dont go on.Superior drummer also doesnt see what i do obviously.I also need to connect it to cubase 5 which i have no clue about.I have done some researches but anywhere i look those lights always go on and never saw anyone complain.Is my drum port broken? (Roland td9kx-12)
How are you connecting the TD9 to your computer? In order to record the MIDI, you'll have to go into the Cubase settings for MIDI and make sure your interface's MIDI input/outputs are set up correctly, then you need to set the track you're recording to to the correct MIDI input.
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Like MatrixClaw said you'll have to first go through edrum setup, load any drivers needed (go through manual) then make sure you can record midi in Cubase. Once you do, then you can bring in SD in the equation by installing it and loading in as a vsti, then you assign the input of the ekit to go to the output of SD, all in Cubase. You might have to do some note mapping as most likely your ekit will have less pieces than the SD kit but this will be the last step.

See if these videos might help: