Looking for a 2x12 cabinet to combine with a Peavey 6505+ Amp Head. I'm hoping to get awesome tones for thrash, groove, and (least importantly) death metal. Thanks for any advice.

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These amps seem to like Vintage 30s, so you might look for a cab stocked with those speakers.
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Orange PPC212 closed-back. They're imo the best you can buy for tone as they're oversized.

Avoid the open-backed version though.

At the end of the day, cabinets are just boxes with speakers in them. Most cabinets with V30's are going to be fine with a 6505.
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I'm not sure about 2x12s but I've heard that the Marshall 1960a (4x12) is a beauty when combined with a peavey 6505
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speakers are the main draw IMO. orange and mesa are my go-to, but i have eight or nine cabs.

look for something cheap with V30's and you will likely be happy. these days people are practically giving away 4x12"s.
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