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As a beginner what's the biggest frustration you have when learning to the play the guitar ? Is it chords ? Scales ? Rhythm ? technique?
As a beginner pretty much everything. Now I've played guitar for 7 years I'd say a theory and sound.
Everything was a frustration when I was a beginner, that's why I didn't start practicing until I played the guitar for 7 years, I would just learn songs, each time more and more difficult, sit down and play through entire albums, when I started taking guitar seriously I was already so comfortable with it that learning technical exercises was pretty easy.

As for the most difficult stuff I'd say downpicking as an exercise is a bitch to get used to, alt picking too if you ignore it for too long, every new technique is frustrating, just practice all you can, give it lots of time and patience, and make sure you're having fun.
As a non-beginner, my biggest frustration is not being able to interpret what I hear melodically on recordings. For example if it is an unfamiliar chord voicing or tuning, and/or the accompaniment is drowned out by a vocal, an/or the recording is fuzzy.
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