Hey guys. I just got a vintage Jackson Roads and I had some quick questions.

I am having an issues with my sixth string sliding off. It literally hangs on the edge of the fretboard. I have hard tailed the Floyd.

I was wondering if I might be able to get a new nut to fix this issue or if a setup could?

If I got a new nut could I remove the old Floyd nut and put a standard nut on?

TY in advance!
You could put a regular nut on there if you really wanted, you'd never really be able to go back to using it as a real floyd though. I have a guitar with a non-locking nut floyd and holy, let me ever tell you it goes out of tune like mad.
There would also be a pretty obvious visual gap above your nut, quite possibly showing old the screw holes, you may also need a string tree as well. Locking nuts tend to hold the strings at a lower angle.
But yeah, it's definitely possible.

Your best bet though is to take it to a tech and see what they think.
..I was watching my death.
Actually is is a neck through. Sorry should have specified. I read where it could be a nut thing or setup. I am leaning towards the nut because I don't have the locks for the nut and the 6th string can move in the nut. It just seems to close when compared to the high e. I noticed the bridge is setup up kinda funny. The high e end of the bridge is higher than the low e side.

I think I might just take it to my tech and have him look at it.

Yes, a good solution if it doesn't lead to a problem on the 1st string. You should be able to see if the neck is badly aligned by looking how far the strings are from the edge of the fretboard at the high end of the neck. I set mine so that the 1st and 6th strings are the same distance from the edge.

The nut spacing might be a bit too wide, I've had this happen on an acoustic, so I would consider changing it. - But I would try the neck moving solution first.

FWIW, I have used extra friction to prevent sideways movement of the neck by sticking a piece of coarse abrasive paper in the bottom of the neck pocket with carpet tape.
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OK. I start a new job tomorrow so when I get my first paycheck I will get me a new nut. It is not the necks fault as it is a neck through the body construction.