hello i've just recently found this band and that song and i am simply obsessing over it D:

I've tried to figure out how to play the song, but i am not the best when it comes to learning a song by ear.
and i am really lacking in the Chord side of guitar playing. So i've come here in hopes of someone helping me out with learning this song

I have a few information and a part of a riff figured out. Not 100% sure if it is played right or if the Tuning is right.
But as fare as the information i have gathered i have seen People say it is Played on a 7 String guitar with F# standard tuning (high to low :BF#DAEBF#)

Edit: I have figured the end part of the riff out no only need the end part of riff nr 2.

And as for the riff it starts at 2:09 has a few tremolo picking and then by the end it has this run down witch i have,'t figured out yet in the video below you can see by the end of the video a rotoscope style animation but it is of a Bass i belive so i do not know if that part is only played by a bass or not.

Riff Nr.1 at 2:09 Riff repeats 3 times then changes to Rff 2

Edit: i figured the last part f this riff now only need the intro chords and the outro.

this riff is repeated 3 times then changes up a bit at the 02:56 mark

and this is what i have figured out but still need to figure out the whole outro riff.

Riff Nr.2

there is alot missing like the whole end riff plus

there are Chords played throughout the song that i haven't figured out and any help with it would be Greatly appreciated

and here is the video and hey maybe it'll be the first time you hear about the band and might like em ^^

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