Hello I would love to know how to play this song more than anything else but wouldn't know how to get the chords or tabs to play it.

The song is by an artist named ,"Jelly Roll" and the song is called,"Till Now".

If you have spotify or Rhapsody you can listen to it on there and its also on youtube thank you!
I believe I have the chords to it... The only problem is I have to listen to get the lyrics as they aren't on the Internet anywhere.
Also, this some involves pull offs .... I don't know if I feel like tabbing all that stuff out...
So if I do it I will basically do a chord tab for the song... Ok...

If I get the time I will try and do it tomorrow and post it here when done.... Hopefully I can understand
All the lyrics or it will be a no go if I don't.
Don thank you so much! This has been one of my favorite songs for a while now and I really really appreciate the time you spent to help out a fellow guitarist! You really dont understand how much this means! Thanks ☺
I am very greatful Don. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to work on this.Words cant explain how happy I am to finally have music for this!