Whats better ? Thought about sending via ground since I saw the airport guys throwing suitcases mercilessly .. UPS?Fedex or USPS.Thanks Guys.
It's a crapshoot - any carrier is going to have a few bad reviews and accidents. That said, I always ship UPS for convenience - double box (if you don't have a case), and bubble wrap heavily. I've never had an issue and have shipped 15+ guitars, some without cases. I also always use ground for more or less the reason you pointed out, though I've seen some ground guys be a little less than careful with guitars I've had delivered.
They can throw it on a truck just as badly as they can throw it on an airplane. My feeling is that the less time in transit, the better.
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They can throw it on a truck just as badly as they can throw it on an airplane. My feeling is that the less time in transit, the better.

I don't know that anything really goes "ground" these days. Honestly, USPS is as good as anything (and cheaper than most). Mostly, it's a question of how well you pack the guitar, both inside its case (never ship a guitar without a lot of extra packing INSIDE the case) and (if possible) double boxed.
Some dangerous goods are still required to be shipped ground only, so it exists as a service, but you're probably right in that anything not specifically marked for ground-only goes by air.
Hey, this is a fortitious thread... I know that I got an AD2300 (Agile) from the Vancouver area (but shipped from the US side to California) and it was inexpensive shipping (I believe it was USPS). I'm looking at another guitar on eBay and their standard Fedex shipping is $65. What's the least expensive (aside from Uburro) that you've been able to ship a guitar and how far and what carrier? I *know* there's a $25 shipping rate out there.
If you send FedEx and I bet UPS, packages insured over a certain(large) $$$ amount are hand delivered by someone higher up in the chain than your standard driver.

In the end, packaging is everything. loosen the strings, block the Floyd if equipped, seal in a bag, bubble wrap, package in box with at least 2" clearance inbetween guitar and box at every point, tightly pack with whatever material. Peanuts, paper, cloth, etc. Seal it up and shake vigorously, should be NO movement. If it moves add more packing. Use a good new or new-ish box with a decent edge crush, in case you're stacked. Write fragile on box, seal every seam with tape, write "this side up" as if the guitar was rested up against a wall, on all sides of the box (hopefully prevent stacking).

If you ship in a case you need to pack the guitar tight in the case, then the case in the box.

I recently had one shipped to me with the neck removed, and the smaller box with more depth really reduced my worry. A lot safer if shipping without a case IMO, something to consider if you have a bolt on.

Remember, shipping insurance is for the seller/sender. It is your responsibility to insure your sale. If you send out a neck through with no insurance and it snaps in 1/2, the buyer gets his $$$ back from the vendor eBay/PayPal/etc and the seller gets guitar back in pieces.
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IIRC the last Fender type I shipped through USPS was $40, forget how far but that's the lowest rate I've seen recently. Double boxed LP from LA to Montana was $80, $65 is probably spot on for a regular box from them. UPS was always about the same as FedEx but I haven't used them in a few years, perhaps that's changed. If there's a $25 rate out there it's not through any of the big guys, unless you've got a commercial account.

I remember paying $30 through USPS for a standard electric sized box but that was ten years ago.
Thanks for the tips guys..Glad that I have a hard case and the cardboard box that came with the hard case