So just a very outright serious question ive been dying to ask for a while now...
i wanted to know that if i consider metal (djent and core oriented to be precise)
[by the above statement, im trying to put a strong emphasis on playing percussive with thick low end and your standard tight chugging & metalcore riffs :3]

so the question being, can i squeeze out (from a Peavey 6505+) tone similar (if not identical) to the tone that Tom (from Architects) got out of his EVH 5150 iii

or to frame it differently.. is the versatility of the EVH 5150iii necessary to get a good djent tone? or will the 6505+ do "just fine"?

also, do keep in mind that im asking this NOT on the basis of the tone i would need to let it sit well in a mix (so dont let the Thomas Searle part confuse you)

PS: RIP Thomas Searle <3 you will be missed and loved forever
You'll have to try both, but most people will say the III is more refined and not as raw as the original peaveys. If you don't care about cleans, they all will do metal core with ease.
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The 5150 III is definitely the most "djenty" of the 5150 series, which explains why I like it the least. The 6505+ has a thicker, bigger low end, but with a thicker low end, it is not quite as tight (but it's still tighter than many other amps, and certainly just fine for metalcore and djent -- it's a standard amp for metalcore, after all). The 6505/original 5150 has an even more massive low-end and is the most aggressive/"mean" sounding of the bunch, by quite a bit -- but it's the least "tight."

I guess I'm a little confused as to what you're after. Djent tones pretty much mean you don't have a whole lot of low-end in the guitar tone, because it gets in the way of tightness. The bass guitar is what comes in and fills in the bottom end. With metalcore, you can get away with a little more low-end in the guitars, depending on the flavor you want in your tone. But for that twangy, percussive, over-the-top-tight response and sound, I think you'd find the EVH to be your best bet. When I tried one, it just felt too tight for me. I like my amp to have more balls lol...
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