I am looking to purchase an electric guitar. Although I am learning bass, I have only ever played Acoustic guitars. This will be my first electric and hopefully without sounding too demanding, I want to purchase one that will produce all the sounds I want in one guitar.

My understanding of pickup configurations seems to be particularly limited. I played a telecaster-type guitar and as much as I loved the feel and ease of playing it, I found only a single coil neck pickup and a single coil slanted (forgive my terminology) bridge pickup to be a little weak and twangy for my liking. I played a number of Stratocaster-type guitars with HSS, and got some nice tones using the middle and neck pickups in unison.

I am looking for some advice on whether I would benefit from a HSH over a HSS, since as yet I have been unable to find a HSH to try in my home country. How exactly does a humbucker neck pickup compare with a single coil neck and single coil middle in unison? Should the single coil combo give a fuller, fatter and wider spectrum sound? Ideally I would value the option of a more forthright, aggresive sound over a weaker, twangy tone, although sometimes I do find a bridge humbucker to be a little muddy sounding.

On YouTube videos, I would say I prefer listening to HH guitars, but when actually playing the guitars I tend to favor HSS or single coils sounds, at least of those I have tried, but I don't understand why that would be.

I would please welcome suggestions and ideas, many thanks, Andy
There are LOTS of pickup arrays out there you may like. Where are you? What style do you want to play? What is your budget?
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OK, I'll give you my strictly personal view of this.

A strat SC in the bridge position isn't much use, too thin and bright, so I would go humbucker there, with the single or series switching option kabadi suggests if you want more versatility. - That for me would depend on how hot the pickup was and how dark the guitar sounded. - I have it on only one guitar.

Likewise a humbucker might be too warm for the intrinsically mellower neck position, so I would prefer single coil there - P90 in my case - but again you could use single or parallel switching on a humbucker to get a more single coil-like tone.

I don't have much use for a middle pickup, but it could be useful in combination with either of the other two. You can always add extra switching that allows neck and middle, or all three pickups on a three-pickup guitar. You ask whether neck and middle is the same as a humbucker neck. No, because one is series-wired and the other is parallel. You could use parallel wiring on the humbucker to get a similar sound, but the distance between the coils would still have an effect on tone.
are there any HH guitars locally that you can try? that'll let you see how a neck humbucker sounds.

on most HSH guitars you lose the "both humbuckers on" tone, but the 3 in-between settings should be broadly similar to an HSS (except neck + middle will be a bit more authentic-sounding on an HSS)- assuming the humbuckers have autosplits.
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