Just installed a set of James Hetfield "Het Set" EMGs into my Explorer. I followed the diagrams to a T. The pickups 'work'. But when I touch the pickups at any point even slightly, the signal cuts off and a buzz occurs. So, if I do anything like palm muting etc, this will usually occur.

Anyone got any idea what may be wrong?
did you connect the string/bridge ground?

with EMG's you don't ground the strings.
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It says in the instructions NOT to ground EMG pickups, as they are internally grounded? I assumed that meant all types of grounding (other than the grounding wires which go into the buss)

I have shielded the control cavity, not the pickup cavity. I did not tape the connectors
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dont worry about taping the connectors. I only mentioned that thinking that if you had shielded the pickup cavities, then it could have been possible for something to be shorting out the connectors (was a long shot anyway). As you havent shielded them, it couldnt be that

Any other ideas then?
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Well if it is happening when you palm mute, then maybe your bridge is still grounded.
Normally the bridge will be grounded, but if you retrofitted the EMG's then you would need to ungrounded the bridge.

I did disconnect the bridge ground wire from the electronics. The issue when it comes to palm muting is when my hand touches the bridge pickup, not when it touches the bridge.
Having similar issue!  No ground to bridge but when i touch pickups i get ground noise!  Whats the fix?
I'd suggest making a new thread for the best answers. This one is quite old.
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