hey guys

i have an Ibanez ART (not sure what ART model) and it is very old.

my dad bought it back in 2009 or something, so he gave it to me to try it out.

I plugged it in, and nothing happened. I am using a Marshall MG30FX. The amp works with every other guitar we have in the house (all electric/acoustic elec) So we cleaned up the battery jack and it still wouldn't work.

Anyone know how to fix this? It makes a static noise when plugged in, and if you strum or pick it makes a clicking noise.

Thanks all
probably just dodgy wiring, so not that hard to fix if you know what you're doing. I don't, so hopefully someone else can help. I just posted so you don't bin the thing before someone else posts
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OK seriously...First thing to do is spray some contact cleaner into the volume and tone controls, pickup switch and output jack. Do each individually, work the knobs full to zero about 10 times each, same for the switch, and plug and unplug a cable into the jack a few times then try it.

When a guitar sits up for a while the knobs and switches can get dirty, or mildly corroded, causing loss of contact. It happens to my electrics and Takamine electric/acoustic even when I use them frequently, I have to break out the contact cleaner about once a year on average, especially for the pickup switch on my Strat. The Takamine jack got dirty a while back and started making really ugly noises onstage whenever I moved a little or put it on and off. I thought it was a bad cable at first, and tried another one, when that didn't do the trick out came the contact cleaner, problem solved. I just had to do it again about a month ago.

Does it crackle if you turn the volume or tone controls while plugged in? That would eliminate the jack as a problem, but I would clean it anyway.
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Paleo Pete yeah it makes a crackle noise. I know it's the guitar, so I'll try cleaning out the output jack.

where can i get contact cleaner and is there an alternative?

the only shop nearby is yamaha