Hey, guys!

My name is Daniel. I’ve been playing the guitar for a bit now but have realized that playing on your own sucks.

So I wanted to ask any of you in Boston, or around that area if you would be interested in getting together to play some music. My favorite genre is metal, but I enjoy other similar genres as well.

My main aim is to get better, make some good friends with similar music tastes and just have a load of fun.

If you have any interest whatsoever but are unsure about anything, message me and I can answer any questions.

Also if any of your friends not on UG are interested they can email me:


Thanks for your time!
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Hi mate, did you try with platforms which are specialized for seeking musicians?
I used it when I had similar problem like a you. I'm from UK and platform - Jamifind provides me wide range of musicians in my area, maybe you can try with it, how you would solve your problem.