Hello there! I'm currently gearing up to build a guitar and I know almost nothing about fixed bridges as I am a heavy floyd user.
The plan is to set up a through-body bridge similar looking to the one in this picture:

Does anyone here know of a model of bridge that looks similar to this one and where to get it?
How does one install and set up a bridge like this so that it has proper intonation?
And also, what would the string spacing be for a guitar like this/is there a standard?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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The bridge itself is a standard TOM as seen on tons of common guitar models. That's the black bar piece. You can get those anywhere, just search for TOM or tune o matic type bridges.

The actual string-thru portion, where the tailpiece would be, is just a series of ferrules on the front and back. It doesn't really have anything to do with the intonation, that's set at the bridge. So all you need to do is make sure that the ferrules are set far enough back to give you a good break angle over the bridge, and that's it. There's some talk about the length of the string after the bridge and the effect it can have on how the string feels, but that's a different conversation.

Just make sure that the neck angle will allow the bridge to be dropped fairly low. From there, set the ferrules about as far from the bridge as you see there, and that's all there is to it. Someone who's made one from scratch can probably stop by with some tips, but generally all you're doing is replacing the stopbar tailpiece with that series of ferrules to go through the body (and another set on the back, of course) so just account for the string angle from the body to the bridge (don't hit the side of the bridge, don't get a really steep angle to break strings, don't go too shallow to risk running out of string length)
I encountered a DIY string-through once, and from what I saw it takes a lot of care, and possible a bit trickery, to get them neat front and back. I'm reasonably daring with things like that, but I would settle for a standard Gibson-style stop-bar. The other thing I would be thinking about is the fairly high string break angle over the saddle, so I would be playing safe and getting a ToM with sturdy posts if I was going to use that string-though design.
To get the holes for the through ferrules...

You'll have to do some precise measuring, but once you know some exact measurements, drill the larger hole just deep enough for the ferrules in BOTH front and back, then the smaller string through hole. Otherwise, your drill WILL try to "walk" while drilling the smaller hole, you'll end up with bad spacing on the back side. Been there done that, I thought I could drill it straight. Wrong...the ferrules on the back side were all over the place. Putt he ferrules in last, after both holes are drilled. Use a drill big enough for the largest 6th string plus some, you want plenty room to feed strings through, but not a full size hole. You might check it and go by the hole size in a standard Strat bridge block. That's what I used, it worked well, except for the bad spacing on the back side, that looked awful...
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