Hey guys, I'm looking for some opinions from more experienced players about which direction I should go.
I've been playing seriously now for about 2 years and have had a couple cheap starter guitars (squire, low end Epiphone, etc) but am now wanting to investing into more of a top end model. My budget is around 1500 - 2k dollars, and I've narrowed my selection down to either a 2016 Fender Strat Elite series..or a PRS CE 24.

I really like both guitars, have played both, and am just having a hard time deciding which one to spend the money on. The biggest problem is that 60-75% of my playing revolves around hard rock / metal..Tool, Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God, Metallica, Pantera, etc, however...I REALLY love the blues and especially that SRV tone.
Take out that SRV part and I'm all about the PRS's..I love the guitars through and through and the wide thin neck is just perfect. No I do really like the Fender Elite series and love what they've done with the new necks..They are very comfortable and I enjoy plying them almost as much as the PRS.

So my struggle is this..do I make a strat more hard rock / metal with an HSS setup, so that I can have that neck straty goodness for when I want to play the blues...or do I go with the PRS and while I can still play the blues just as well on it, it'll be lacking that straty blues tone? What do you guys think?
i realise it's no help but that's really the kind of question you can answer yourself. from the sounds of your post it seems you already realise all of the pros and cons of each model, so it's really up to you. i'd struggle to decide myself with that situation.
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I mean really it's apples and oranges.You need to prioritise which sound you want more now.Hard rock humbucking tones and the PRS that you seem to love or the Bluesy SRV Strat sound.
I mean you could get the HSS Strat but then would you miss a neck humbucker?
I think as said above.It's a question that really only you know the answer to deep down.
An alternative could be to pick up a used CE24 and spend the remainder of your budget on a more budget friendly Strat (used MIM, or maybe of the Squier Classic Vibe Series). A used CE24 shouldn't eat up your whole budget (my CE22 was under 1k, though I know the 24's can go for a bit more).
Personally, I think that the most important thing in the equation is the neck. If you love the PRS neck, then get one; do they all come with coil splits / taps now? That should still get you a decent blues tone, then if you're playing the heavier stuff more than the blues, you're sorted.

If you like the Strat neck more (which I don't think you do), get a Fat Strat, or the Strat that feels best to you and mod it with a beefy bridge humbucker.

But I think that if you like the PRS neck more, and play the heavy stuff more than the blues stuff, get the PRS.