Hi guys,

This is a song I posted before, re-recorded / re-written / re-mixed with a friend.

Please let me know what you think!

Forsaken Altitude pulled me in from the beginning. The rhythm at 0:20 is powerful and addictive. Your note choice and lead playing style are very skillful and expressive. This track reminds me of Jason Becker. The latter half of the track is heavy but also upbeat. As for the mix, I thought the cymbals' levels could be turned down just a bit. I felt that the snare tone was a little thin. Your lead tone sears. I dig your bass tone; it's very present.

Thanks for the share!

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Overall super dope.
But as I continue listening it feels like your rhythm guitars are far too low in the mix, they also sound slightly thin, this could be due to the leveling, but you may have high passed them too high.

As Silvadolla said, your snares slightly thin, turn up your snare close mic and maybe give her a slight bit more of 200hzish

I'd probably opt for a tone change with your lead in sections, it gets a little samey, the variation would add more interest to the track.

Apart from that the writing and composition of the track is awesome.

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Had a quick listen, great playing and well put together. I really liked the clean intro part. Agree with some of the comments above, particularly the one about changing guitar tones to help provide variation throughout (but thats just detail). Overall - really well done.


Nice work! You've got a nice lead tone and plenty of chops -- I'm always envious of people that can shred. I don't have much to add beyond what the guys above have said, as I largely agree with most of their advice. The thought I had was that this track shares a commonality with most "shred" type productions in that the rhythm guitars take a back seat in the mix and are kind of there "because they're supposed to be there" more than anything, and the leads are the dominant sound in the mix. It's okay for lead playing to be the emphasis in the production, but you've got some nice riffs going on in the background that could blend interestingly with your leads if they were allowed to occupy a little more real estate in the mix. As others said, consider bringing up the volume of the rhythm guitars a bit, but also let some of their low-end presence come through as well. I think you might find that everything gels a little better, and you'll get some intermittent harmonization with the leads throughout the song which will only sweeten the sound of your leads. At 4:34, I started hearing the rhythm guitars a lot better; it sounded to me like they were louder and less "high-passed" there. You have a great rhythm tone there as well as riffing ability -- I'd just let that come forward in the mix a little more. Great song though!

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Nice track and good riffing! Pretty much every thought that came to mind has already been mentioned. The snare, rhythm guitars...and maybe lower the volume of the kick a little?

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