Can anybody help me identify this bass?

SaltPeter from the Dwarves.

What I know for sure:

Black Precision Body
Precision Split-Coil Pick Up
Maple Neck and Fretboard
Side Mounted Jack
Doesn't appear to have a pickguard...

It looks like a Fernandes (at least that's what i'm thinking)

looks like some kind of a p bass copy, they're everywhere. Might be a fernandes actually
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Quote by Strobber
looks like some kind of a p bass copy, they're everywhere. Might be a fernandes actually

This was my first thought, I thought it might have been an Ibanez Roadstar too however.
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I suppose I am up for the challenge. I like the previous suggestions. Chances are it may be a custom chopper of sorts similar to a Fender Precission Bass I thought I had. When times got hard and I went to sell it at the local buy-sell-trade I learned from the associate that I had something a bit more special on my hands (active pickups for one, and I remember the word 'custom.') I am obviously not a bad guy... per say.
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It is a Samick.

A little reseach will show that they have the largest Musical Instrument Factory in the world, or did at one point.

This is a punk band with only 2 core members, bassists were changing and probably hard to identify.

It is my suspicion that my 400 series Korean Ibanez BTB's are Samick builds. I will play nothing else at this time. 4K basses are not really worth it to me.

Samick Basses as a brand are really student instruments as for their market and price range, but do not be prejudiced because of that.
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