Hi guys,

Just wondering in anyone can recommend a 2x12 cab for a Randall RG1503h. I've spent a lot of time looking but to be honest i dont 100% get the ohm/wattage compatibility thing. The amp is 4 ohms and 150 watts. I just need a cab for band practice and gigs. All 2x12 cabs I've been looking are 8/16 ohms.

If anyone could help that would be great.

the cab needs to handle at least 150 watts (ideally a little more to be safe).

if it's a solid state, you may be ok with a higher ohm cab (don't quote me on that, though) but you won't get the full wattage. i guess you could email randall to be sure?
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Your amp is rated at a minimum of 4 ohms, meaning that higher impedance will cause no problems for you. Like most solid state amps, power output ratings are lower at higher impedance (probably closer to 75W at 8 ohms). I'd go with an 8 ohm cabinet. If you ever need to add a second cabinet (8 ohms), your total impedance, assuming a parallel connection, will drop nicely into 4 ohms.

If you've got an 8 ohm cabinet, you probably won't need it to handle the full 150W; a pair of 60W speakers inside it (such as V30's) will do nicely.
Right, so if I would get a Harley Benton 212 with V30's (cab rated 120W 8ohm) I would be ok to use it in this case?
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Right, so if I would get a Harley Benton 212 with V30's (cab rated 120W 8ohm) I would be ok to use it in this case?

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Great thanks! Just one more question. The amp has 2 speaker outputs. The cab has 2 inputs (8ohm mono and 16 ohm stereo). The ones on the amp don't really say what the difference is and I don't see anything in the manual. Should I just run 1 cable from the amp into the mono input?