I went to the music store today and asked about the electric guitars they sell. They told me they only sell Jefferson which is better than Fender. I searched about it in Google but got nothing. So what is this guitar exactly? Is it good? (The Price: $300)
I found some toy guitars for the Lone Ranger from Jefferson guitars on eBay...but that's it.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
You went in brick & mortar store, and you saw & touched Jeffson guitars? For $300?

I saw this:

It is setting off warning bells in my head. It could be legit- the relic/copy biz is big, these days- but I don't see anything resembling a $300 price tag. And despite being "Jefferson Instruments, USA", they don't use standard American currency notation- the commas and decimal points are transposed. The site also doesn't seem to have contact info.
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If the music shop is the type like I went nito in L.A. where there's some stereotype of the 50's salesman (suit or biz casual with greased back hair and/or a combover, maybe horn rimmed glasses) and he has boxes of guitars lining the wall like action figure boxes at Wal-Mart, and a bunch of guitars with brands you don't recognize, I'd get the hell out of there. Chances are the $300 is over-inflated.

If they do have some quality stuff and it seems on-par though, he might have just found a diamond in the rough, there was al ocal shop where I used to live that sold Dillion electrics, granted, the guy did not pass them off as better than Gibsons, but they were fairly nice and good quality for the price - but the shop also had some high-end stuff like a vintage Telecaster and a Ibanez Universe Steve Vai model (for around $2K) and the guy knew what it was worth.0 - this was in the 90's though.

But if the guy seems greasy and it's one of those weird guitar stores that operates more like a candy shop or like the kind of pplace your parents would "get you fitted" for a guitar, I'd run and go look elsewhere. At $300 I'd probably only trust something like an Ibanez, Squier, Epiphone, or Yamaha.
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