I am getting an orange micro dark, and I need a cab. I found some B-stock panama cabinets on reverb, that are cheap, but not so cheap as to make me think they are low quality. The 210 has Panama British Ceramic 10” speakers, and the 212 has Panama AV30 Custom Driver (V30-style). I play mostly metal, and my main axes are a gibson sg with alnico buckers and an affinity squire with little 59', duckbucker, and jb jr. pickups (I have modded my squire to kingdom come, it plays awesomely and sounds great, it is on par with my friends HWY 1 HSS strat). However, a good clean tone is also important to me. Which cabinet is better for me? Also, if the 2x12 would sound better, is it worth the extra 90 bucks?
i haven't tried those panamas, but normally, at least for heavier tones, 12" is the safer choice. That's not to say that there are no 10" speakers suitable for heavier stuff, nor that all 12" speakers are suitable for heavier tones, but yeah. 12" is safer (especially if the ones you're looking at are V30-alikes).
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Even their 2x12s seem quite reasonably priced...

Of course, PRICE isn't the deciding factor for cabs. Know some UGers have tried them...but I'm not one.
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