Hey, i recently came into a bit of a money issue, and have decided to sell an electric guitar that i own. Only issue is that the guitar came in a (i assume) discontinued pack deal. In the pack was the guitar, an ESP f-50 black, an amplifier, the model name is esp10 but it is produced by blackstar, and some smaller accesories like picks, and a repair kit. Does anyone know how much i could expect from it.

*note* it is in like new condition, i have not really used it, and i never intend to.
have you checked ebay's completed listings? that's the handiest way to get a rough idea of value- but bear in mind if you sell on ebay they'll take a (fairly hefty) cut, and if you sell through a shop they'll either take a fairly hefty cut if they sell it on a commission basis, or an even bigger cut (but you'll get the money immediately) if they just buy the guitar off you.
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