I am looking to buy a guitar to have a similar tone to Joe satriani. Granted it is all in his fingers and huge pedal rig.

My buget is around £500 and that is sadly too little to afford the Ibanez JS140. So my idea is that I buy a cheaper Ibanez and and maybe fit it with the Joe Satriani signature Dimazio pickups.

How do these Ibanez guitars compare to the JS range, If anyone can suggest any other guitars that would be compatible with the Mo Joe and Satch Track pickups that would be great?




If you only have £500, spending the guts of £150 on his signature dimarzio pickups is a bad idea, IMO. Not the best use of your funds, and it'll stop you from getting the best guitar you can now (which can be upgraded later). Unless you mean you have £500 for the guitar and also the £150 for the pickups, in which case I'd also say it's a bad idea because £650 is getting you within range of the prestiges, most of which already have dimarzios (see below).

What amp do you have?

Which satriani tones do you like? He's only used those pickups recently; especially in the case of the neck pickup, most of his older tones are most likely a full-sized humbucker.

how flexible is your budget? you basically want to be getting a prestige. I'm guessing that might be out of range though because they're generally a little more than the js140 you were looking at (which you also want to avoid, IMO, you can get a far better guitar if you avoid the signatures).

https://www.gak.co.uk/en/ibanez-rg1550mz-pb-phantom-blue-ex-demo/119165 (ex=-demo, not sure how good nick that one's in since it's missing some stuff... it also has the edge zero bridge which i'm not sure how good it is.)

http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Ibanez-RG655-Prestige-Electric-Guitar-Firestorm-Orange-Metallic/10ZH (only available or order and a discontinued colour so i dunno if they'd actually be able to get it for you, but it's a reasonably good price if they can... also already has dimarzios. not joe's ones, but not a million miles away.)
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