Hey UGers,

As you've already noticed, this summer we started to improve Ultimate Guitar for our guitarists' community (new forum, UG IQ, etc). One of our most important features of this summer is UG IQ. Have you noticed this number near your username?

Yep, it's your UG IQ. Along with improvements to our UG IQ system we have launched UG IQ Contests

What is it about?

UG IQ’s goal is to reward users for catalog improvements and UG IQ Contest program is a new level for Ultimate Guitar to award our most active users. Ultimate Guitar is partnering with famous music brands to reward (on a regular basis) our top users with high-quality prizes guitar and music prizes.

How does it work?

Starting from Aug 29th, 2016 we are going to send prizes to our most active users according to Weekly Top 10 UG IQ chart. In our blog, you can find more information about UG IQ and ways to gain it.

So, it's simple as that! Gain your UG IQ and get prizes from UG IQ Contests program.

One more thing, banned users during or before contest are excluded from the Top

*you can ask questions and leave feedback in UG IQ Contests [feedback] thread.