Hi mates, a few weeks ago i was killing time on youtube and saw this thing called the CAGED method. I have been playing for quite some years mostly on my own and suddenly noticed i am missing lots and lots of stuff. I have learned some interesting things, of course, but random guitar articles are not a solid enough info source for me.
So i was wondering if any of you might know a really complete book where i can find a really big amount of these not-on-the-spotlight ideas and techniques i am missing right now, even if they are not very complete, just to know they exist, which would make me able to continue researching on my own.
Thanks in advance
originalnamelol Hey buddy! I'm a professional guitar coach and I can teach you almost any guitar technique that exists on super professional level. I can become your personal guitar coach for 70 dollars for ONE month. My name is Anton Oparin. You can watch my videos on youtube and it was long ago, now I'm even much better and learned a lot of incredible techniques and developed systems to train them to extra level. Such as Slap, Tapping, Two handed tapping, sweep, incredible alternate picking that allowed me to play get out of my yard by Paul Gilbert on 6 strings, that nobody ever in the world repeated it.
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I'll become your personal guitar coach and I'll tell you secrets of guitar playing and music that noone could tell you even in the books.
Check out Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar books.
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originalnamelol not a book or a method...but the very fundamentals of modern music...learn Diatonic Harmony (lots of it online at no charge)...it not that hard but you have to committed to learning it...you will discover how and why scales work and how they produce chords and how they relate to each other..should you begin to learn this..and learn it in all keys..you will be well on your way to your musical goals...
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Leavitt’s Modern Method for Guitar. First of all, it is super professional and thorough. It starts with no assumptions – except that you can read music (sight-read). It then makes its way up incrementally through open position scales and then over to position playing, teaching you many different scales and fingering types along the way. Second, the exercises in the book are really mini etudes, or songs, if you will, in their own right. Each exercise teaches you something new – a new scale, a new playing technique, a new fingering option or a new chord. At the end of every exercise you will feel that you have reached a new milestone in your guitar playing. Third, the book covers so much content that it’ll probably take you many months (or years) to complete, and once you do, it will always be there to go back to if you need a little refresher on a particular scale or technique. It really is that great. Here's more information: http://musiciansnotes.com/best-guitar-learning-book-know/
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