Are there any cheaper alternatives compatible with Reaper?

Love some of the 80s tones but cant afford the £169
LePou makes a lot of free plugins. They have the Hybrit (a marshall clone), the Lecto (recto style) and the LE456 (an ENGL style IIRC?) as well as a cabloader (LeCab) for your impulses. Nick Crow also makes a good 6505 VST called the 8505 which is decent to look into.

TAL (Tortuga Audio Line) does really nice effects you can use. I personally like their chorus and flanger (they both sound killer). For reverb I really like the Magnus Ambience VST. It has a ton of options and sounds great to boot. If you need a simple compressor, the Klanghelm DC1A sounds pretty nice. For EQ I use either the built in EQ in reaper or the Marvel GEQ by Voxengo. For delay, I personally use the Native Instruments Replika plugin, but I was lucky and got it for free a couple of years ago when they were giving it out for a day. I have heard good things about the Leslie Sanford Delay VST though so check those out.

But yeah all of the plugins I mentioned (except for the Replika) are free and you don't need to spend a dime to use them. They sound great though and IMO can hold up to the pay suites so give them a try.

If you need impulses, Kalthallen does really nice free ones, Redwirez has a few free ones, Guitarhack has some and Catharsis has a few as well (particularly the fredman ones).

Good luck and happy tone hunting.
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