Hey bruhs,
I just uploaded this cover of "magic" by coldplay.
I hope you dig it, but if you don't let me know whats up.

Drop your link in your comment if you want me to hit up your video with some crit.

If you dig the recording or anything, check out my studios page in my sig, I do a lot of work online and I'd love to work with some fellow UG brothers.

wongacaster Sounds pretty damn good to me, even though I dont know the original song. You're lucky you can sing - some of have to stick to only instruments haha
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Lord Cheswick, you are a comic genius!

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the move of a true gentleman sir Jacek. short, civilised, and intellectual. hats off to you good sir
Hi Wongacaster,

You voice is great. I like your performance in the recording.

I think the reverb can be turned down a bit in some of the parts, as it becomes hard to hear your voice.

Overall great job!
Damn dude, what a voice. Never heard the original song, but you killed the cover man. Instant subscription. Definitely hope to see more from you. Keep up the good work!