Does skill on guitar can be transfer to piano this easily? I just watch one tutorial of song "Imagine" and go get keyboard from my relative and start playing. My left hand feel so naturals because I shred on guitar a lot and there's a problem with right hand which is hurt because it's a picking hand.

I wonder if it that easy to transfer from one instrument to another. I also want to learn bass and drum but doesn't have budget yet.

Sorry, English is not my first language. And yeah, I consider my timing to be good if not perfect but I'm sure a trained ear people will enjoy listening to it.
Yes, playing one instrument will help with playing another. You kind of already understand the "language" of music so you don't need to relearn that when you start another instrument. But learning to play any instrument well takes time, even if you can already play many instruments. Obviously instruments that are closer to each other are easier to learn to play. For example bass and guitar are really close to each other so it will be pretty easy to learn to play the bass if you can already play the guitar. But if you want to start playing something like a saxophone, that's going to take a lot more time.

I would say piano is one of the easiest instruments to start playing - it's not difficult to become a "decent" pianist. But obviously mastering it will take as long as mastering any other instrument. Piano is also a good choice because it makes understanding music theory easy. It's a very logical instrument.

Yeah, bass and drums are also good choices. I think having a good understanding of all basic rock band instruments is beneficial and will make you a better musician overall.
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Thank for reply. I finally give the keyboard back to my niece but it's a great experience to have fun with it. Different experience!
Wow, I didn't think that such a thing was possible

I will go now and try if I have any piano skills
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Technique is the thing that needs adjusting. The general descriptions of music have nothing to do with the instrument change.

The general theory can definitely help (intervals and note names, as well as the sound), and it wouldn't take long to transfer serviceable skills over, but proper technique and approaches to specific instruments are only gained through more dedication and effort.