Hi! I've bought a Yamaha FG200MS a few months ago, the feeling with instrument is great, is more better than my old epiphone DR100 but I'm not completely satisfied, action is a little bit high. Someone has setup the bridge to reach a good playability without compromise the sound?
Sorry for the bad English
Tony Done
Nope, I think it's a stupid question, but I'd like to know if on this particular model there are measures for the bridge that don't compromise the sound, I've already tried to set the bridge with sandpaper, but now is little bit low and the strings "flap" on frets
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nasio91 you screwed up. With high action you first need to establish the WHY. Jumping in on sanding the bridge down without knowing if the neck is warped or out of line is a big mistake. Much better to get the neck in proper alignment with the bridge - real problem solved.
I have a Yamaha FG200 but it's one of the original Made in Japan (Nippon Gakki) issues from '73. Absolutely fantastic soundboard but weak neck, I doubt there's a straight neck on any one of these out there from that era.
Get alignment correct and then replace the bridge.