Hey guys!

So I was really confused between the PRS SE Custom 22 and the Chapman ML-2.

Both of the guitars seem pretty nice to me and with the same scale length, I assume they would play and feel very similar.

Which guitar do you think would be more versatile and offer a greater bang for the buck?
i think they are both made in the same factory in korea, and they are nearly identical in everything about them so id go off of aesthetics
PRS pickups sound like shit. They are solid guitars and look amazing but their pickups are always flat.... they do it on purpose actually.

No experience with chapman guitars but i do know he is a great guitarist and would focus very heavily on making good guitars. So go with chapman,
Ive played two chapmans and i disliked them both. The neck is just kinda weird for me. That being said, i also disliked all the prs's that ive played, so i guess im not the right person to judge But i still liked the prs more, because at least their necks didnt feel like logs.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.