Hey all, i am here for some help. Trying to get all my gear sorted out and figure out my amp. I have a Peavey XXX head with a Mesa 4x12 cab loaded with v30's. For guitars i have a Les Paul studio with hetfield emgs tuned down to D. A jackson dinky hss with seymour duncan jb in the bridge and single coils seymour duncan STK-1's in middle and neck. Also i have an esp ltd xtone semi hollow with sd 59's in neck and bridge. for peadles i have a tube screamer, tc mini spark boost, mxr smart gate,crybaby from hell,way huge swollen pickle, ehx memory toy and a mrx 10 band eq. I am looking to get a tone pretty similar to corrosion of conformity with my lp studio and any help at all would be appreciated. most of this gear is still pretty new to me so mostly looking for someone to point me in the right direction. My ltd hollow body with the swollen pickle on my clean channel does a pretty good neil young tone and thats perfect for me just looking to get something figured out for the heavier stuff. Hope this makes sense. and thanks in advance
For the order I say this: Wah-Screamer (just curious:what brand/ model?)-Swollen Pickle-Smart Gate. In the FX Loop I'd say the Spark Mini (just got one myself!), the delay, and the EQ.

Technically you could put the Spark mini in front of the amp depending if you need it to give just a gain boost to the Pickle (in the way Jack White boosts a Muff with a Micro Amp). Personally using it for volume boost and using my screamer to boost all things distortion.

Screamer can be always on if the XXX isn't tight enough or needs a bit of a mids kick (mine with stock sheffields isn't, though yours with V30s might be, and from what mine sound likes compared to corrosion's tone it could be fine without any boosting needed).

I would suggest maybe a pedal switcher depending if you like to turn on multiple things at once (ie come solo time you turn on the wah, spark for volume, delay, etc.). And a big ol' pedal board too.
Charvel So-Cal (SH6TB/N, killswitch), Jackson RR5FR (TB6/Jazz, Drop C). Joyo pxl pro.
Loop1=Crybaby from hell, Boss PS-5, Seymour Duncan 805 or Green Rhino, EQD Hoof or Earthbound Audio Super Collider. Loop 1 into ISP Decimator II.
Loop 2 (FX loop)-Line6 M9, TC Spark Mini. Loop 2 into mxr 10band. All into a Peavey Triple XXX 212, Ibanez IL15.
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it is an older ibanez tubescreamer someone modded. i was told its switchable between an 808 and ts-9. Never tried the mini spark in the loop yet though. the amp is still pretty new to me, every time i turn it on i end up changing everything just to see what else it can do and have had no complaints yet.
you have a nice setup. take some time to dial it in, that is natural.

also i ALWAYS recommending reading the manual for your amp. you will likely learn something, worst case scenario you waste ten minutes.

i always start simple and expand. get it how you like it without an OD, then turn on the OD and tweak, both the amp and the pedal until you like it, etc.

i can say that for COC, you will probably need less gain than you think you need, don't go nuts on the treble either.