So if a person wanted a raw traditional heavy metal tone what would be the best sims to achieve that? Think Witchfinder General
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The stock Studio One Ampire can achieve that on British + OD boost, also Amplitube 4 pack can do that with a JCM800 plugin and an overdrive, I've also been able to dial it in on Guitar RIg as well. It is really not that complicated to achieve either way.
This could also be quite easy - try the Friedman and older Marshall sims with a British speaker (Greenback):
It'll probably be easiest to dial in with the Thermionik as all you'd need will be two plugins, one for amp and one for speaker emulation.
Fuck yea man, thanks for the reply I didn't think anyone would ever answer I'll check it out asap.

edit: Man I was looking around and found a pretty sick JCM 800 for free check it
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Look at the Thermionik stuff, the older Marshall sims are pretty good, they seem to have a bit more depth, maybe they speaker models make it more lively.
You could try disabling the Mercuriall speakers, etc. and try NadIR impulse loader with Kalthalen free speaker sims, which are great Greenback models.

Also look at Guitar Rig 5 - the free one is a Plexi model and a tubescreamer, you can disable the speaker model again and go with NadIR.
This one is free http://www.studiodevil.com/products/british_valve_custom/ but you have to register to download. Again - use the freeware speaker emulators as they add an extra dimension you don't get otherwise.
LePou's Hybrit (Marshall Plexi/JCM) and Lextac (Bogner Extacy) are my go-tos for these (and they're free). I find that the cabinet simulation is more important for these sounds though.