Hi there. I'm on a search for a vintage sounding humbucker combo for my Gibson Les Paul. At the moment I have the 498t/490r set in the guitar, but I think they're too modern sound and the sound I'm looking for should be more vintage, warm, full and fat.
I been reading a lot of reviews on different humbuckers and I have come up with following possible choices:
SD tb-59 / sh1n ('59 set)
SD pearly gates in the bridge / sh1n
Irongear Blues Engine

Can anyone help / tell me about these pickups or options?

The SD 59 is probably my favorite SD humbucker. Hard to go wrong with it.

Golden Age HBs from STEWMAC ar a good option, and quite affordable.

I could recommend some higher-end pickups, but not until you tell us your budget.
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59s should do. Just so you know, TB means trembucker and it's for floyd roses, so unless your LP is floyd equipped, you'd be getting the regular SH-1 bridge.
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My budget is max. USD 200.
Since I'm interested in trembuckers for the bridge humbucker is that I have measured the current Gibson 498t to be 52mm and I believe that the standard SD humbucker is 50mm. Correct?
Trembuckers are no different to the standard models other than the string spacing which is optimised for a Floyd rose bridge.

Unless your guitar has a Floyd there is no reason whatsoever to buy the trembucker variant of a pickup.
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TB is just for string spacing, used for wider-spaced strings. 59s are a great choice. A Pearly Gates set will have slightly more mids and highs, with less bass. All solid choices.
No my LP doesn't have a tremsystem. I guess that the tiny space differences doesn't have a huge impact on the sound. I also measured my SG and both the bridge and neck pickups are 50mm. I guess that the bridge pickup on a LP is slightly wider.
Thanks for feedback.
I'll a '59 combo then ?
Do you think an PG in the bridge and 59 in the neck would be a good match? I thought that an alnico 2 in the bridge would be good for taming the bridge treble and an alnico 5 in the neck to enhance treble.
A PG/59 combo is a good one too. If you don't like the high end of an A5 magnet, the A2 will fix that.